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Veterinaria Machado, a veterinary clinic with a high enthusiasm for the right diagnosis of your pet.

Veterinaria Machado

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Veterinaria Machado

Who are they and what did we do?

Veterinaria Machado veterinarian clinic located in Heredia (they are our pet doctors btw 🙂 ).

Veterinaria Machado did not have a Web presence and they needed a Web design that was simple, formal and focused on the clinical services they offer.

What did they think of working with us?

“Working with Web Mentor was an great experience, where their great capacity to design Web pages was shown. During the course of months were working, there was always a permanent guidance, care for detail of the entire process and evacuating our concerns; every time we needed them we knew beforehand we could count on them. We recommend Web Mentor for development or design of Web pages given that they have plenty of knowledge and security on the matter.” Dr.Anderson Machado Casas.

What did we think of working with them?

Working with Veterinaria Machado taught us an valuable lesson: absolute simplicity is something many people appreciate. Others are advocates of heavily-content websites and our initial comps did not match the absolute simplicity that we wound up making.

Technical details of this Web design.

Web Design made from start, using HTML5.0 and partenered up with WordPress as the CMS of choice. CSS3.0 to style the site and jQuery for interaction effects.