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A Web design inspired by the packaging of one of the pet products that Provetcre sells.


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Who are they and what did we do?

Provetcre is a company dedicated to sell quality pet food (and we mean QUALITY), out of Costa Rica.

They had a website which was pretty “picturesque” made by its founder. They wanted a Web design that was on par with their products.

What did they think of working with us?

Waiting for testimonial and project conclusion.

What did we think of working with them?

Provetcre really didn’t had any specific requirements regarding their Web design, so in our comps we made the ones that adhered to the site being juvenil, fresh and focused to the importance of providing quality pet food to our dogs (or cats) and that was it. The day of the interview we had with them they gave us a bag of one of their products and one day while we were looking for some Web design inspiration, the aforementioned bag took a peek at us and we had the AHA moment. Subsequently, we based their Web design on both the colors and texture of said bag.

We really enjoyed this Web design because we were allowed to express our creative criteria freely using textures on the final Web design.

Technical details of this Web design.

Web Design made in HTML5.0, jQuery y CSS3; this last technology is used on elements such as transitions, border images, and text shadow (RGBA); on some instances of the site we used multiple backgrounds on a same element. The site is fully administered via WordPress.