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Web design made for the critically acclaimed (oh yeah), adored and beautiful photographer, Mónica Quesada.

MQC Photo

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MQC Photo

Who are they and what did we do?

MQC Photo is the company of a great friend of ours, Mónica Quesada Cordero.

Her site needed a facelift because of two issues, the blog, which is hosted outside of her domain and the URL’s that were dynamic. Check out the old site here.

What did they think of working with us?

“This is my third Web design and for the first time I feel truly satisfied and don’t have the feeling of “I will ask them later to fix this” or “this doesn’t work”. The previous web designs I had were just a simple presentation of my photographic work, but what Web Mentor made for me not only allows me to present my work, but has made my website a hub for my clients. Working with Web Mentor has exceeded my expectations of how a photographic web design site ought to look and I feel proud to show my website and use it to promote my work and getting more assignments and students.”

Mónica Quesada

What did we think of working with them?

A requirement (indispensable one eh!) from MQC Photo was to have a Web design that was to be clean, simple and focused heavily on images (which is a given of course). The challenge here was to preserve simplicity because we had to use quite a lot of images and some large, like the jQuery image slider on the homepage; designing a clean page wasn’t that hard because we resorted to a color palette that wasn’t too radical and to bolster this concept even more, we used a simple white background. The photography aspect of the final Web design is present on any corner of the website by using a large image at the top of each page. The entire content of the site with the exception of the footer is administered by the user.

Technical details of this Web design.

Web design made in HTML5.0 and powered by WordPress as a CMS; we used CSS3 on simple elements such as rounded corners, opacity and transitions. jQuery is used on the home page for the image slider with removable captions and the carousel that holds both the galleries and essays.