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Web design of Green Condos, a company dedicated to Condominium Management in Costa Rica

Green Condos

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Green Condos

Who are they and what did we do?

Green Condos is a company of two happy and dynamic girls, dedicated to the management of condos, located in Costa Rica.

Green Condos didn’t have a website and needed one that was amicable, dynamic, and that was easy for visitors to visit.

What did they think of working with us?

Web mentor created our corporate image to help us dive into the housing market which truly reflects the style and originality that Green Condos would like to implement in its business practices. Without a doubt, corporate image does matter and the difference is made with the small details. Our best of wishes to Web Mentor’s success and their projects are their biggest reference.

Adriana Garita.

What did we think of working with them?

The Web design of Green Condos was gratifying because there were no limitations as to how the final Web design had to be. We went with illustrations because we wanted the website to be friendly. This site has no slider (images) on its home page and thus we inserted a transition effect on the three main boxes.

Technical details of this Web design.

Web design made from scratch, using HTML5 and integrated to WordPress as a CMS. CSS3 is used to style the site and some jQuery is added for interaction effects.