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Candelas Monterrey, a company that like us, is half science, half art.

Candelas Monterrey

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Candelas Monterrey

Who are they and what did we do?

Candelas Monterrey is the leading company in manufacturing, distribution, sales and hands out courses of everything candle related, based in Costa Rica.

The job we made was a redesign. You can see the previous design here.

What did they think of working with us?

“This is the second Web design I do with Web Mentor and I can say that if I could, I would do more sites with you. In this case, I consider the site to be even more complex, more information, more photography and as expected, Web Mentor accomplished this and made not just a website but the entire corporate image of my company.” Jonathan Quesada Garro.

What did we think of working with them?

This project was fascinating because we were able to express freely our creative criteria when it came to designing the website. One of the latest trends within Web design is the retro, old, nostalgic feeling. We used elements and textures that invoked such line of Web design. The coding was damn hard because we had the limitation of not being able to use multiple backgrounds in order to preserve the compatibility with Internet Explorer 8.0 and below. Furthermore, we ought to admit that we weren’t connoisseurs in the world of candles and needless to say, we think it’s very similar to Web design as making candles requires an artistic ability, lots of patience and study of precision through time. We were extremely identified with this company because of that.

Technical details of this Web design.

Web Design made from bottom-up, using HTML5.0 and uses WordPress as the Content Management System. We used CSS3.0 to style the site and jQuery for interaction effects. For the virtual catalogue we used the booklet plug-in made Built by Will.