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Our Web design blog. We need more time to write more because we sure do love it!

Web Design Blog

Use a project management tool for your Web design projects

Many Web design companies start out offering their services left and right and everything is pretty much handled via email. It’s a direct and cheap way of keeping our clients in the loop regarding their project status. { ….. }

Your job is to design websites, not managing emails

I used to work at a company where everything was handled via email and I sent on average 40-50 emails per day and now I send 3-4 daily. From meetings, to tasks to managing files, everything was done via my email client. Breaking a circle as strong as that was extremely difficult. { ….. }

RGBA, CSS3 property for Web Design

In our previous topic, we discussed opacity in Web design, and how it is a bit limited since child elements inherit the opacity set on its parent when what we really would like to do is set this opacity to the parent element only. A way around this is to use RGBA instead of the opacity property on a Web design. { ….. }

Web design programs

These holidays that finished not too long ago, filled with lots of food and beverages (with alcohol or not) I ran across a lawyer (judge) at one of the many parties we had and he enjoys the concept of Web design and (according to his words) what he enjoys the most out of it is how accurate it is, where something is useful or not and that there is no margin for interpretation (like laws). { ….. }

Opacity on a Web design

Previously, we discussed the CSS3 property called border radius or rounded corners that we used on our Web design. Today we are going to discuss the CSS3 property called opacity which is pretty obvious given it’s name and for those who use Photoshop, but we are going to list on which cases it’s good to go with this property and which ones we are better off avoiding it altogether. { ….. }

Avoid using generic images on your Web designs

Not too long ago, I was interviewing a client before we started to work on their Web design when he, out of the blue, with a heavy panting he was emphatic about the following point (extract of what he said): { ….. }

Steve Jobs and the principles every company should have

It was a tough blow to see Steve pass away. One thing was he being gone from Apple, another is being gone from this world. After I received the news in one of his devices I couldn’t stop thinking and feeling this great sadness for { ….. }

There is nothing worse than an outdated site

It’s a real shame; we wish we could write more often but time and priorities both inside and outside of our work makes us relegate certain things. We must admit that our blog is one of the first ones to be sacrified { ….. }

Steve Jobs and his crazy obsession for design

Last week I was attending a Ruby class I am taking (pretty exciting by the way) and I got incoming text messages that Steve Jobs had resigned from Apple. Upon the disbelief, I took my iPad out, checked my Facebook and low and behold, { ….. }

Web design with CSS3 – Rounded corners

Hey guys! We are going to make the following post to explain a bit about CSS3.0 and how you can use it right now, on certain selectors in order to have a bigger arsenal when it comes to designing Web pages that are far more modern { ….. }