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Our services carry two obligations: the contractual with our client and the moral one with our end users.


Web Mentor offers a wide array of services, most of them orientated through what our passion is, which is everything web related. For more information on each and every one of them, feel free to click on the more details link. All of our services are done with the highest attention to retail and care that are a part of our company culture.

Web Mentor services

Web Design

We design custom-made sites and more than just making pretty web sites, we make sites that are accessible, intuitive, with both current and future technologies.

A Web design needs to undergo through a lot of planning and preparation; we take all the variables in to consideration to make extraordinary websites.

Logos and Print Work

A well done logo needs to be simple, memorable and that conveys the message that your company wishes to transmit, not a couple of vector based images downloaded off the Internet and some weird font “I found somewhere”

We design business cards and we make unique, simple and well made logos.

Facebook tabs

Right now Facebook tabs are hot because they are a window of information that your fans can see from their profiles about your company.

We design personalized Facebook tabs according to your business needs. Take a look at ours here.

Mobile Web Design

Do you have a mobile phone? Millions of people do too; many of them surf the Web from a mobile looking for something urgently.

Mobile phones are changing the way we search for information. Keep yourself prepared for the change.

Content Management System

We can integrate your current site to a CMS, giving you the possibility to administer the content of your website easily.

You save money by using a CMS, because you don’t have the need of having a designer or programmer to administer the content of your website.


By performing a well rounded SEO, we assure you that your website visits will increase.

Web campaigns have one big over traditional campaigns: they are very cheap. We help you maximize your investment and we check your website to monitor your Web campaigns.

Other Services

A bit about the rest and what we are asked and consult the least; from website hosting, to marketing via email (designing mass mail templates), UI design, consulting in regards to the status of your website.