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We didn't lie when we said we love Web design so much, that sometimes we do it for free.

A cause bigger than ourselves

One of the things we highlighted in our background is that you have to work on causes that are greater than yourself. Every 6 months, Web Mentor will choose a Non-Profit Organization and will either redesign or build a brand new website, without any cost. We do this because giving something back to society gives us an immense sense of happiness, and we love what we do so much, that we would do it for free if something called money didn’t exist. The only costs for the NPO that wins this contest would be to host your domain in case you would like to, it would be build without a CMS and that’s it; we make a website build with XHTML-HTML 5.0/CSS and using jQuery if necessary; below you can find the terms and conditions:

Where to enter the contest

To register yourself in the contest, simply select the "NPO CONTEST" located in our drop-down menu of "project type" in our contact form. We will then contact you back to confirm your presence in this contest; below you can find our rules to participate:

Requirements to participate

  1. The company must be a non-profit organization; there are no exceptions to this.
  2. Web Mentor chooses the winner based on the eligible candidates that apply.
  3. Web Mentor might have further questions about the organization with the hopes of having detailed information regarding the NPO.
  4. The cutoff dates to participate in this contest will be from the 1st of January until the 31st of May and from the 1st of July until the 30th of November.
  5. Applications filled on periods outside these dates will be moved to the next period.
  6. Aplicaciones hechas en períodos fuera de la fecha de corte serán movidas al siguiente corte.
  7. Two visual proposals will be made by Web Mentor.
  8. The site will have no CMS integration, this would be billed separately if needed.
  9. NPO’s who already have a site, may apply.
  10. If your organization isn’t amongst the chosen ones, you must wait a minimum of 6 months to re-apply. If you registered on March 31st, and you weren’t chosen, you can re-apply starting January 1st.
  11. There is no other type of form other than the standard form to participate; you just need to select that you work for an NPO; it’s important to list the website if you already have one.
  12. We use logos provided by you; if you do not have one, the cost would be billed separately.
  13. The winning company of the contest will be posted via our blog.
  14. It is not necessary to be a Web Mentor client to participate; any non-profit organization can participate.

For more information regarding this, do not hesitate to contact us