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The past is now the present thanks to our archives.

Archive for ‘Tutorial’

Web design programs

These holidays that finished not too long ago, filled with lots of food and beverages (with alcohol or not) I ran across a lawyer (judge) at one of the many parties we had and he enjoys the concept of Web design and (according to his words) what he enjoys the most out of it is how accurate it is, where something is useful or not and that there is no margin for interpretation (like laws). { ….. }

Impressions of our first Web design in HTML 5

I think we are the first Web design company in Costa Rica that designs a website in HTML5; we searched for other sites and couldn’t find any other made by Web design companies in Costa Rica. If I am wrong please feel free to correct me { ….. }

Breadcrumb navigation in WordPress revised.

I recently stumbled across The Cats Who Code, because I had to come up with a breadcrumb for a client that needed this in his web design and didn’t want to use a plug in as I felt it was unnecessary so much stuff for a simple breadcrumb. { ….. }

How to install your own domain email.

We hand out the following tutorial because as a part of our Web design services, we supply our clients with email addresses with their own domain (yourname@yourdomain.com) so they can use it to contact clients, suppliers, { ….. }