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A bit about our company and its passion for Web design.

About Web Mentor

We love what we do

There is no other way to put this; we are in the business of Web design because we love building websites. To see your work being used by others, to help other companies have a proper presence on the World Wide Web and to see the satisfaction and excitement of our clients when they finally get the design they always had in mind, is what strives us to be a part of this industry and what encourages us to push the boundaries even further.

Our passion for what we do makes us highly enthusiastic with everything Web design related, from standards to performance, from aesthetics to typography, pretty much everything that is Web design related. We are located in Heredia, Costa Rica.

We consider ourselves promoters of Web standards in all of our projects and we carry the commitment of making the Web a better place through our client work.

Like Google, we are also obsessed with fast websites, as this benefits everybody; nobody likes to wait ages for a site to load; we use compression, cache and optimization techniques so your site can load as fast as possible.

Small, but powerful

We are not a huge Web design agency, nor is it our plan to be one right now; we are very attracted by being a small, fast and productive Web design agency so we can provide our clients the attention that they deserve.

Most of our work comes from designing websites, but you would be surprised at all the other stuff we do and each client that we have onboard is the opportunity to execute numerous techniques to make your website look polished, fast, flexible and custom made.

Our mission is to make great websites for your users

We design with your business in mind; we sit down and ask you many questions about your business, who your clients are, what they like, dislike and what are the most important aspects of your company. With those important factors in mind, we create websites that your end users will appreciate and will find the information that they are looking for, fast and easy.

A lot of Web designers think that they design sites for themselves; we consider ourselves middlemen in the process of using our knowledge and techniques so you can communicate your message to your clients the best way you see fit. This is of utmost importance to us.

Our vision is to raise the standards of Web design in our country

By making powerful websites, and using techniques that are geared towards the future, we want our company to be first and most important Web design agency in Costa Rica and hopefully, this creates the awareness effect that stagnates many companies in our country: they fail to see the importance of a rock-solid Web design due to lack of knowledge or because the company that designs their website simply doesn’t care about designing websites that are great inside-out.

We don’t do spec work or template work

When we design a website we build it from the very bottom; we plan our strategy using a combination of phases we strictly adhere ourselves by. We don’t do template work for this precise reason; it’s generic work aimed at something that doesn’t relate to your industry. One time a lady asked us why we didn’t charge $140 per website as some companies have approached her did this. What we do is a process of time, preparation, planning, execution aimed at the final user who is going to visit your website. These things cost money and nobody will do it for $140 for a complete website. For more information regarding the benefits of custom Web design, please read our section as to why custom Web design benefits the use of Web templates.

One time another client, a veterinarian, told us to give him 3 propositions (full comps) and then he would see what we came up with and decided if he wanted to work with us. In other words, he wanted spec work; of course we didn’t do this, just as we wouldn’t tell him to perform surgery on our dog, and if the dog and us were happy with the final result we would pay him.